Attorney General and social services minister to speak at anti gay pro life event

Attorney General and social services minister to speak at anti gay pro life event

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 16 July 2014 10:38 Written by // Cec Busby

Victoria's State Attorney-General Robert Clark and Social Services minister Kevin Andrews will both be speaking at the Endeavour Forum's World Congress of Families event in August.

Other speakers at the conference include US doctor Larry Jacobs, a vocal supporter of Putin’s anti-gay homosexual propaganda law and, Angela Lanfranchi, founder of the New Jersey-based Breast Cancer Prevention Institute; an institute that champions a debunked theory that there is a link between abortion, the pill, and breast cancer.

According to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald, the health minister defended his decision to appear at the event saying it was related to his portfolio responsibilities. But on program notes on the Endeavour Forum website Andrews is listed as an International Ambassador for WCF.

A spokesman for the minister said: "The Minister accepted an invitation to open this conference because it relates to his portfolio. The choice of speakers is a matter for conference organisers."

As for the Victorian Attorney General, Clark is slated to deliver a "Welcome to Victoria' speech at the event.  A spokesman for Clark said the Attorney-General was "welcoming an international conference to Melbourne on behalf of the government".
"Delivering a welcome address does not necessarily imply support for particular speakers or their topics," he said.

Senator Bernie Finn will also be speaking at the event. He will discuss his ‘Marching for Babies’ annual walk against abortion. This is the same Bernie Finn that suggested there is never a case for abortion - and all abortions should be banned even for victims of rape.

Whilst not appearing at the confernce it should be noted other Australian politicians are also supporters of the group.

Coalition leader of the Senate, Eric Abetz and Liberal party member Cory Bernardi are also noted friends of WCF.

Shadow health minister Catherine King called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to decide whether it was appropriate for Andrews to attend the conference.

"It is disappointing but not surprising that one of Tony Abbott's closest confidantes and a member of his senior leadership group is associated with such views," she said.

"I think it's a question for Tony Abbott about whether he thinks it's appropriate for a senior cabinet minister to be attending this event. Tony Abbott may be threatened by science but should not be letting these backward views cloud good, evidence-based policy."

A quick perusal of the World Congress of Families website reveals the following titbits:

The World Congress of families opposes decriminalisation of homosexuality,

They suggest homosexuality can lead to obsession remorse, alienation and disease.

In 2009 they opposed a UN resolution calling for decriminalisation of homosexuality and downplayed the harshness of the Uganda anti homosexuality bill in a newsletter.

Managing director, Larry Jacobs, said he was 'dismayed' when Obama signed the UN statement suggesting worldwide decriminalisation of homosexuality.


Cec Busby

Cec Busby

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  • Wheel

    17 July 2014 at 19:37 |
    Back then black people were heavily condemned against, and both society and politicians encouraged criminalisation, segregation and slavery of black people. Now it is 2014, we think of these actions against black people to be extremely abhorrent. This part of the history is quite dark, and we are ashamed of our grandparents and other people who have associated with this horrible social trend. 100 years into the future, the society will laugh at us on why LGBT and gay marriage was an issue.

    The times are changing, and the society are getting more beautifully diverse and open-minded... get on with the program, guys! When did I see a huge protest in the city against divorce, cross-fabrics clothing, eating meat on certain days, or whatever else Bible is talking about...? Never. Why? The time have changed, Bible have "adapted" to the modern times... and I fail to see why majority of Christians refused to adapt into the modern times and embrace LGBT communities.

    In the Bible, it clearly stated that God will love anyone no matter what. It did NOT exclude LGBT from that unconditional love from the God, because it was never mentioned at all in the Bible.


  • Dave

    16 July 2014 at 15:52 |
    I could never understand why such men hate. I never could. When I read the speech from Robert Clark, telling parliament homosexuality is a sick and destructive disease, and linking people like me to paedophilia, because I am gay, I nearly choked on my porridge. What have these tools ever done for society apart from take our taxes? I have worked with homeless people, and helped youth from dysfunctional heterosexual households. It is the dark arts to create moral panic, to milk a vote from haters. It takes a particular nasty individual devoid of empathy, I think.

    It is just a shame Kevin Andrews and Robert Clark are condemning the Liberal Party, dragging it to the doors of those camps that exist in the evil parts of human history. GLBTI people have a right to exist. Yet when I read who is at the conference, some of the haters, those who seek to destroy us, those who work hard at trying to get GLBTI people thrown into jail, those who are just evil, I simply do not understand the hate. Using public office, and the Liberal Party flag, to support such nutjobs, is a disgrace.

    GLBTI killers do not need a cheer squad of politicians; they need a longer jail sentence.


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