AFL comes out in favour of marriage equality

AFL comes out in favour of marriage equality

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 02 September 2014 20:32 Written by // Cec Busby

The Australian Football League (AFL) has come out in support of marriage equality. The move has been welcomed by advocates.

AFL chief executive, Gillon McLachlan revealed the leagues support in his response to a letter from a Geelong woman Sharyn  Faulkener who has a gay son.

Faulkner had urged the AFL to show support for equal love as she suggested the move would give hope and support to teens who were struggling with coming out.

Faulkner wrote: "If the AFL publicly declares that they are in support of marriage equality you will give that young player who is struggling with their sexuality the courage to realise just who they are."
McLachlan responded by saying he was personally committed to ensuring the AFL would speak out against homophobia and in favour of marriage equality.
"The AFL will keep saying no matter how many times it takes, that our game does not tolerate discrimination in any form, be that sexual identity, gender, race (or) religious views ... we also support the position of marriage equality for all people."
"This matter is a serious issue for many young gay people, in terms of how they are treated in the wider community, and football leaders such as myself will continue to say that we do not tolerate it, and will continue to push for a change in behaviour from all sections of society," McLachlan said.
Faulkner welcomed the AFL chief’s pledge of support for same-sex marriage, saying: "The AFL’s policy of having no tolerance to discrimination in any form was heartening and for them to actually say that 'they support the position of Marriage Equality for all people' will make it so much easier for people to say 'If the AFL and my football club can say no to discrimination and yes to equality, then so can I!'."
"I applaud Gillon McLachlan for giving his personal commitment to continue to speak out for marriage equality whenever he can and I hope that all the AFL Club Presidents and members give that same commitment."
National director of Australian Marriage Equality, Rodney Croome, also welcomed the AFL's support, suggesting AFL was an intergral part of the Australian lifestyle and confirmed the leagues (and Australians in general) support for fairmess and equality.

"I applaud the AFL for extending its leadership on combatting homophobia to support for marriage equality."

"AFL is central to Australian identity and the AFL's support for marriage equality reaffirms that values like inclusion and fairness are central too."

"With almost three quarters of Australians supporting marriage equality, the AFL's support for the reform will be welcome by many AFL players and fans, and in all likelihood draw new fans to the game."

Image: AFL chief Gillon McLachlan



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