Advocates say Thorpe’s coming out will save lives

Advocates say Thorpe’s coming out will save lives

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 14 July 2014 10:09 Written by // Cec Busby

LGBTI advocates say Ian Thorpe’s coming out will save lives and described the young swimmer as inspirational, after he chose to come out via a primetime interview with Michael Parkinson.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said, "Ian Thorpe's story will inspire young gay and lesbian people across Australia who will see in him someone who shares their struggle with coming out, who has bravely declared to the world who he is, and who has received overwhelming support."

Croome described Thorpe as a hero and said his coming out will not only save lives but further the case for marriage equality.

"To these young people Ian Thorpe is a hero all over again. His coming out will save lives."

"Ian Thorpe's coming out will advance marriage equality by highlighting how offensive it is that gay Australians, even those who have achieved so much and done their nation proud, are treated as second-class citizens."

Croome said most Australians want the best for Thorpe, including the right to marry the long-term partner he aspires to have and start a family.

"Ian Thorpe's struggle to come out is over but now he faces a new struggle, along with all gay Australians, to be treated fairly and equally."
During his interview, Ian Thorpe said, as a gay man, he would like to be in a committed relationship and have a family.

Thorpe revelation has been met with overwhelming support from the community at large.

Fellow Olympians took to twitter to sing Thorpe's praises.

 Watch Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay


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  • Davies

    15 July 2014 at 00:07 |
    It will be interesting if the Red Cross will keep homophobia. Ian Thorpe could give blood if he wanted to yesterday, but declaring he is gay, bans him, if he is manogomous. The Red Cross in Australia has a homophobic focus on sexuality, instead of risky activity. So the closeted Ian Thorpe would be free to give blood. Now, the out Ian Thorpe cannot, even if he has been in a manogomous relationship for 10 years, as being openly gay is considered sinful by the Red Cross, if you have manogomous sex. It is presumed by the Red Cross, if Thorpe is gay, and has had sex within six months of being gay, he is a risk to blood safety.

    Being a straight sex tourist barebacking women in Bali and the like, or fucking drunk in some toilet at a night club, well, the Red Cross considers that person safe, if they are heterosexual. Clearly Thorpe has not done that.

    Ian Thoroe was brave to come out, in this inperfect world where a Prime Minister says he still feels threatened by him, and where Bill Shorten allows Joe Bullock to stay in the Labor Party, as family.

    Many challenges will lay ahead for Thorpe, from Marriage, to adoption, to superannuation, to even giving blood, and if he wants to work in government funded religious businesses, he can face the sack at anytime, because governments still love discrimination, even against great world champions.

    So hears to Thorpe, good on him for having the courage in our land of the fair go for heterosexuals only.


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