LGBTI rights protesters in Idaho ordered to pay court costs as civil disobedience campaign continues

LGBTI rights protesters in Idaho ordered to pay court costs as civil disobedience campaign continues

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 23 July 2014 13:35 Written by // Andrew Shaw

Demonstrators in Idaho who want the state to include protection for LGBT citizens in its Human Rights Act have been ordered to pay court costs following multiple arrests. 

Twenty-three LGBT rights activists were arrested earlier this year at the Idaho state capitol for blocking entrances to the statehouse, reports AP.

With their left hands covering their mouths to symbolise how the Idaho legislators have worked to silence them, and wearing 'Add The 4 Words Idaho' T-shirts, the protesters persisted in their civil disobedience campaign.

Each protester was given a chance to offer a brief statement before being ordered to pay court costs based on how many times they were arrested.

WATCH: IDAHO protesters at the state capitol

At times, the courtroom became emotional after attorneys called two mothers who both had a child commit suicide after facing discrimination to speak.

Testifying for the state, Idaho State Police Major Steve Richardson said the group's peaceful demeanor helped the arrests go smoothly, but they still put a burden on the state's limited staff and resources.

The protest cost the Idaho State Police approximately $24,000 according to Richardson. 

The presiding judge respected the protesters for how they conducted themselves but also called upon them to accept the ‘consequences’ of their protest.

District Judge Michael Oths said he appreciated the group's approach in its multiple protests.

He added that America's history of civil disobedience has involved accepting consequences for breaking the law.

"You put your name on the line, and it's not easy to do that," Oths said. "I think people have been responsible in their approach."


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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