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Labor MP Tim Watts slams Marriage Alliance 'rainbow noose' campaign

Labor MP Tim Watts slams Marriage Alliance 'rainbow noose' campaign

CREATED ON // Thursday, 04 February 2016 Author // Glen Morét

Labor MP Tim Watts has taken aim at the Australian Marriage Alliance after they posted an image to social media showing a distressed women with a rainbow noose around her neck.



Watts’ address to the Australian senate on Thursday said that the poster produced by the group “is crap” and the data they continue to supply about those against same-sex marriage lacks any sources.

“It is only a tiny, tiny minority of the Australian public that hold these bigoted views against LGBTI Australians, but by committing to a national plebiscite on this issue Malcolm Turnbull will be giving them a megaphone,” he said.

Watts went on to advise that the opponents of marriage equality are demanding government funding for Australians to hear their side of the argument that will come from the Australian tax payer.

“This means that Malcolm Turnbull will be writing cheques… to the kind of groups that produce television ads telling LGBTI Australians that they are floored parents [and] that they will damage their children,”

“And to the kind of groups that Photoshop rainbow nooses over stock photos,” he said.

Watts says Turnbull will write these groups a cheque simply because it “is easier than showing leadership in his party room.”

Reaction has grown online with some calling the poster from Australian Marriage Alliance "offensive".




Watch the video in full below: 




Glen Morét

Glen Morét

Glen Morét is a journalist at GayNewsNetwork.com.au and SX. Follow Glen on Twitter: @glen_moret

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