Government report says Children from same-sex families doing as well as or better than peers

Government report says Children from same-sex families doing as well as or better than peers

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 28 January 2014 09:54 Written by // Cec Busby

A new Australian government report conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has shown children raised in same-sex families are doing as well as, if not better, than those from heterosexual families.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies conducted a comprehensive review of gay parenting and discovered children raised by same-sex couples have the same outcomes as other children and in some regards benefit from higher quality parenting.

According to the report, on measures of general health and family cohesion, children aged 5 to 17 years with same-sex attracted parents had significantly better scores when compared to Australian children from all other backgrounds and family contexts.

The report also revealed in regards to academic performance, the evidence is that lesbian and gay-parented children perform as well as or better than their peers raised in heterosexual couple families.

The report concluded although many Australian same-sex parented families are currently receiving good support from their health care providers, more could be done in the social policy arena to develop more supportive service systems.

“One very positive finding emerging from this overview of the research is that same-sex parented families often do not experience the sexuality-based abuse or discrimination they fear' the report said.

"However, the reported levels of concern about discrimination, teasing or bullying by parents and children in the school setting do indicate that a generalised stigma associated with societal prejudice against same-sex relationships forms a backdrop to all same-sex parenting.”

LGBTI rights advocates say the report goes a long way towards silencing naysayers of same-sex families whilst outlining the need for acceptance of same-sex families in the wider arena.

Marriage Equality advocates have also suggested the report proves there is no disadvantage to children raised by same-sex couples and the barriers to marraige equality should be removed if the wellbeing of children is really a consideration.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said, "The main argument against marriage equality - that children do best with a father and a mother - has been blown out of the water.

"It's clear from this report that love is what makes a difference to children's outcomes, not parental gender."

"There is now no excuse to refuse those children being raised by same-sex couples the benefits of having married parents."



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