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GLORIAs: Tony Abbott given top honour for the second time at gay gaffe awards

GLORIAs: Tony Abbott given top honour for the second time at gay gaffe awards

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 20 May 2014 10:12 Written by // Reg Domingo

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has, for the second time, won the top prize at the annual gay gaffe awards, the GLORIAs. 

Now in its fourth year, the Gay & Lesbian Outrageous, Ridiculous and Ignorant Comment Awards – or GLORIAs – is spearheaded by NSW Labor MLC Penny Sharpe.

Modelled after The Ernie Awards which focuses on sexist comments, the GLORIAs shine a light on homophobia in a light-hearted way.

Around 80 people gathered at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday night to revisit the worst comments made about LGBTI people in the past year.

Among the local winners were Anthony Mundine for anti-gay comments he made about the ABC program, Redfern Now; Penrith Christian School for its anti-gay statement on homosexuality; the Bairnsdale Advertiser for a transphobic editorial; and openly-gay Liberal candidate Sean O’Connor for preferencing the Christian Democratic Party above Labor and the Greens at the 2012 federal election.

Around the world, Ugandan Ethics and Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo won for his homophobic views.


Above: GLORIAs organiser Penny Sharpe with the Golden GLORIA.

However, the top prize is the Golden GLORIA, which is decided by a boo-off.  And this year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott scored the loudest jeers for his statement last year describing gay marriage as the “fashion of the moment”.

“I'm not saying our culture, our traditions are perfect but we have to respect them,” Abbott told John Laws at 2SM last August. “I'm not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment.”      

It is Abbott’s second Golden GLORIA, having previously won the top prize in 2010 for saying homosexuality makes him feel threatened.

But it wasn’t all just about the gaffes – this year’s event featured the inaugural Good GLORIA, awarded to those who have displayed an improvement in their views towards LGBTI people, or whose actions aim to stamp out anti-gay behaviour.

And this year’s Good GLORIA went to anti-homophobia sports initiative You Can Play, launched by online resource Play by the Rules.

VIDEO: Check out the You Can Play initiative below

“Thanks to everyone who came along, everyone who nominated and everyone who voted in the 2014 GLORIAs,” Sharpe said.

“Special thanks to our wonderful host, Barbra Blacksheep, who stepped in at the last minute to fill the shoes of David Marr.

“Congratulations to the You Can Play - anti-homophobia in sport initiative for winning the first ever Good GLORIA.

“I look forward to seeing you all again next year.”

The 2014 GLORIA Award winners in each category:


Ugandan Ethics & Integrity Minister Simon Lokodo: "It is a social style of life that is acquired... They chose to be homosexual and are trying to recruit others. … If they were doing it in their own rooms we wouldn't mind, but when they go for children, that's not fair. They are beasts of the forest…. Homosexuality is unnatural, abnormal and strange to our cultures... It has no output whatsoever; it only does damage and destruction. You cannot have a right to be a sick human being. There is no right in homosexuality. It must be cured…. Excretion is through the anus, like the exhaust of an engine. The human body receives what it takes from the mouth. They're twisting nature the wrong way. Homosexuality will destroy humanity because there is no procreation; it will destroy health because the backsides will not hold."        

Editorial in the Bairnsdale Advertiser ‘Trans-genderism is the enemy of healthy childhood development’.            

Tony Abbott, discussing marriage equality: "I'm not saying our culture, our traditions are perfect but we have to respect them... … I'm not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment."      

Penrith Christian School’s statement which includes the following: “We believe that homosexuality and specific acts of homosexuality are an abomination unto God, a perversion of the natural order and not to be entered into by His people.” And “We believe the practice of attempting to or changing ones gender through surgical and/or hormonal or artificial genetic means is contrary to the natural order ordained by God.”
SILLIEST GLBTI comment from someone within the GLBTI community

Openly Gay Federal Election Liberal candidate for Sydney Sean O’Connor for preferencing the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) on his How To Vote card above Tanya Plibersek for Labor and The Greens.

Anthony Mundine for this comment about Redfern Now: "Watching redfern now & they promoting homosexuality! (Like it's ok in our culture) that ain't in our culture & our ancestors would have there head for it! Like my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve," he wrote. 

GALLERY: Check out photos from the 2014 GLORIAs. Photos: Deepfield Photography.

View the full gallery here


Reg Domingo

Reg Domingo

Reg Domingo is the editor of SX.

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  • Bill

    17 May 2014 at 09:30 |
    The Bairnsdale Advertiser has heaped an extraordinary amount hate onto people in a remote country town, and sometimes hate crimes have followed. The Bairnsdale Advertiser also makes the Lakes Trading Post. For to long the Bairnsdale Advertiser has got away with publishing hate material, either through an editorial, or a letter to the editor saying things such as pray the gay away. The fact the Uniting Church setup young GLBTI youth programs, due to the high suicide rates of same-sex attracted youth, or the fact the Anglican Bishop supports marriage equality, did not phase them. The Bairnsdale Advertiser appears to me to have an ongoing campaign to drive GLBTI people out of town by creating a climate of panic.

    The Gloria's are important as they shine a light on such dark deeds. In country areas people can sometimes be at risk when one paper town papers, like the a Bairnsdale Advertiser, attempt to empty a town of a population the paper does not like.

    The National Party member, Tim Bull, is a past editor. The paper controls the politics of the National Party, and is a reason why Darren Chester, the Federal member, does not support equality. Darren Chester blames gay activist for not being able to marry, but ironically says it will happen within 10 years. Kind of a diversion for doing nothing. Bullies blame the victim, so I was not surprised by Darren Chester having a go at those wanting an end to discrimination. Shitty politicians aside, the Bairnsdale Advertiser sets back the region as we now have a Chronic shortage of doctors and other professionals, with the Bairnsdale Advertiser a clear turn off.

    So well done to all who voted in the Gloria awards. The Bairnsdale Advertiser is an absolute disgrace.


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