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Gay marriage gets boost in Washington

Gay marriage gets boost in Washington

LAST UPDATED // Sunday, 08 January 2012 13:47 Written by // Alex Dunkin

Equal rights movements in the United States have welcomed announcements from Washington State Governor Chris Gregiore and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman.

Governor Gregiore announced she would introduce legislation in Washington State that would allow same-sex couples the right to marry.

Gregiore said in a statement: “It’s time, it's the right thing to do. I say that as a wife, a mother, a student of the law and above all as a Washingtonian with a lifelong commitment to equality and freedom”.

“Our gay and lesbian families face the same hurdles as heterosexual families -- making ends meet, choosing what school to send their kids to, finding someone to grow old with, standing in front of friends and family and making a lifetime commitment.”

Australian equality advocates have welcomed the move from Gregiore which, if successful, would make Washington the seventh US state to allow same-sex marriages.

“Her dismissal of civil unions schemes sends a powerful message to those Australian legislators who still believe it is sufficient for same-sex partners to be relegated to the status of de facto or civil partners.”

Meanwhile, Michele Bachman withdrew from the presidential race after placing sixth in voting at the Iowa Republican caucus collecting around five percent of the vote, a move that has been welcomed by LGBTI advocates.

During the presidential campaign Bachman regularly expressed her opposition to homosexuality stating “our (the American) principles derive their meaning from the Founders’ beliefs, which were rooted in the immutable truths of the Holy Scripture, the Bible”.


Alex Dunkin

Alex Dunkin

Alex Dunkin is a news journalist based in Adelaide. He has been writing on LGBT issues for three years and has represented Australia’s interests on sexual and reproductive health and rights internationally.

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