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Gay man brutally bashed in St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Gay man brutally bashed in St Kilda Botanical Gardens

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 15 January 2016 17:43 Written by // Rachel Cook

A Melbourne man has been brutally bashed in St Kilda Botanical Gardens last weekend.

Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice, 32, had attended a friend’s birthday picnic last Saturday when he was approached by two men in the public toilets.

Bryce-Maurice claims the attack began with homophobic abuse and with one of the men telling him he was in the wrong toilet:

He said to me, “What the fuck, I thought this was the men’s toilet not the women’s. Then they started screaming at me to get out of there.”

Bryce-Maurice told MCV the men were waiting for him when he came out of the toilet. He said he was then elbowed in the head and pushed against the wall.

He then went back to his friends who escorted him back to the area where the men were to confront the men over the attack.

A verbal argument took place between the two groups which resulted in a further physical attack that saw Bryce-Maurice thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head.

Bryce-Maurice said:

“My friends and a woman who was with the men were begging them to get off of me.”

The attack only stopped when the men were informed the police had been called.

Bryce-Maurice and several witnesses made a statement to police. An ambulance assessed Bryce-Maurice’s injuries and he was kept overnight at the Royal Melbourne hospital.

Bryce-Maurice sustained a broken nose, swelling of the face, numerous cuts to his scalp, tissue and muscle injury in his left shoulder and left thigh.


(Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice sustained multiple injuries during Saturday's attack)

Police are yet to release a physical description of the men however witnesses have said one man was approximately 6’2, possible Indian background, wearing black jeans and a purple and white checked shirt, while the other man was approximately 5’8, Caucasian with long, shaggy light brown hair.

Police are currently viewing CCTV footage in a bid to track down the suspects.

Senior Constable Clayton White told MCV:

“Police attended an incident in the St Kilda Botanical gardens on Saturday the 9th of January.  A 32 year old man was assaulted outside the public toilets near Herbert St at about 10pm in an alleged prejudice motivated attack.

“Police are investigating the incident and encourage anyone who may have witnessed it to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

Senior Constable Clayton White also said:

“Victoria Police does not tolerate violence and we take all crime seriously, including that which is motivated by prejudice or discrimination. We encourage anyone who may have been a victim of or witness to prejudice motivated crime to report it to police.

“If it is an emergency dial 000 immediately. If you are a victim please contact your local police station. Members of the LGBTI community can also contact a GLLO (LBGTI Liaison officer) for support in reporting a crime. Head to police.vic.gov.au for a list of current contacts.”


Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook has worked in both the queer and mainstream media for over a decade. Before becoming editor of Melbourne Community Voice, she was a producer for ABC radio. Between 2008 and 2012, Rachel was the editor of CHERRIE. In 2010 her book, A History of Queer Australia, was published and is currently in use in high schools across Australia.

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  • Pat.

    19 January 2016 at 03:56 |
    I was handed a leaflet a few weeks back and the main word on the leaflet was 'RACISM'.
    As I gave her the leaflet back I called
    her ahypercrite. She asked "why are you callg me a hypercrite?
    I replied, Why isn't on th leaflet?
    She didn't reply.


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