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First case before Uganda court over anti-gay laws

First case before Uganda court over anti-gay laws

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 08 May 2014 10:48 Written by // Cec Busby

Two men accused of having homosexual sex appeared in a court in the Uganda capital of Kampala today. The men are the first to face trial since the adoption of draconian anti-gay laws, signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni in February.

Museveni’s Anti Homosexuality Act drew international condemnation from human rights activists, with US secretary of State, John Kerry, going so far as to liken Museveni to Hitler and Uganda to Nazi Germany.

Currently Museveni is in the UK attending the UK-Uganda Business Forum at Lancaster House. His presence in London was met with protests from gay rights activists who described Museveni as a tyrant of a corrupt regime.

In Uganda, the accused men, Kim Mukisa and Jackson Mukasa, are expected to plead not guilty to the crime of homosexuality.

They are not the first to be charged under the new laws, however previous cases were dropped due to a lack of witnesses. In the incident involving the accused, the prosecution has stated they have a witness willing to testify.

If convicted, the men could face life imprisonment.

Image:  Kim Mukisa and Jackson Mukasa face court by Isaac Kasaman


Cec Busby

Cec Busby

Cec Busby is the news editor of SX and

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