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Courtney Love learnt 'rock star' from drag queens

Courtney Love learnt 'rock star' from drag queens

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 22 April 2014 16:10 Written by // Sabine Brix

Rocker and wildchild Courtney Love has revealed that drag queens were responsible for teaching her how to become a rock star.

The singer claims her confidence and early image were formed by being around gay people.

"When I was a kid I was definitely what you would call a fag hag because that's how I learned to dress and be extrovert and walk into a room."

But her flamboyance and attitude was developed by the queens, as she told Gay Times magazine.

"I would say my freshman year of learning how to be a rock star was just hanging around drag queens and my sophomore year was going to Liverpool and spending about two years with that crew of people and learning."

This isn't the first time Love has acknowledged her queer brothers and sisters, as she paid homage to her gay fanbase in an interview with the Rainbow Times last year acknowledging that, "If I don't have the gays, I just go nuts, because they always know every word and they're the best core audience you can have."

Love has recently announced her band Hole will reform, with a tour kicking off in England in the upcoming month.

[Cover image] Courtney Love owes her rock star image to queens! Photo: Getty Images


Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix is the digital editor for Gay News Network.

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