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Chelsea Manning should go free: Amnesty International

Chelsea Manning should go free: Amnesty International

LAST UPDATED // Friday, 01 August 2014 15:30 Written by // Andrew Shaw

One year after US Army Private Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, Amnesty International is calling for her release. 

Amnesty International says the US Government should grant Manning clemency.

“It is an absolute outrage that Chelsea Manning is currently languishing behind bars whilst those she helped to expose, who are potentially guilty of human rights violations, enjoy impunity,” Amnesty said in a statement on its website. 

As an Army intelligence analyst, Manning had access to classified databases and in 2010 leaked classified information to WikiLeaks including 250,000 US diplomatic cables and 500,000 Army reports that came to be known as the Iraq War logs and Afghan War logs.

It was the largest classified military leak in history.

Manning was charged with 22 espionage offenses, including aiding the enemy of which she was acquitted.

After her incarceration, Manning announced she had begun to transition and changed her name to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning.

The Pentagon last month announced that Manning will begin to receive treatment that could include hormone therapy and allow her to wear women’s underwear at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where she is serving her sentence.

LGBT rights advocates last August criticized the Army’s initial denial of Manning’s request to undergo treatment for gender identity disorder.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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