MKR lesbian couple Carly and Tresne targeted by hate groups

MKR lesbian couple Carly and Tresne targeted by hate groups

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 01 April 2014 15:15 Written by // Cec Busby

My Kitchen Rules contestants Carly and Tresne, who made headlines last week after outing themselves as a couple, have since reported they have been targeted by homophobic lobby groups.

The couple told Kyle and Jackie O that they have been receiving hate mail since revealing they were in a committed lesbian relationship in an exclusive interview with New Idea.

The pair exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony two years ago in front of friends and family and have been a couple for years. Whilst the duo reported initial responses post coming out to MKR fans had been positive, they told Kyle and Jackie O they had been on the receiving end of a hate campaign over the weekend.

“It’s just an online hate thing,” Carly, 32, told the KIIS FM announcers.

“We try not to get involved in that but it’s kind of hard when you’ve got Christian lobby groups … it’s hard because we are Christians and our church actually accepts us for who we are.

“We’re trying to be really positive about it because we’re positive girls but it hasn’t been that easy.”

The pair had originally appeared on the popular cooking show as BFFs saying, “We wanted to go on the show as ourselves and have people judge us on our cooking and not our sexual preference”.

The popular couple were knocked out of MKR last night in a sudden death elimination that saw the cute couple come undone by an undercooked waygu beef.

Watch Carly and Tresne speak to Sunrise on why they initially kep their relationship secret



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