Get ready for A Great Big World

Get ready for A Great Big World

CREATED ON // Sunday, 27 July 2014

New York-based indie-pop duo A Great Big World arrives in Australia this week, playing Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Comprising vocalist Ian Axel and songwriter Chad Vaccarino, A Great Big World is best known for their singles ‘This is the New Year’, which was performed in an episode of Glee, and the brilliant and achingly beautiful ‘Say Something’, particularly after they recorded it as duet collaboration with Christina Aguilera.

The single is on their debut album Is There Anybody Out There?, released in January this year.

The album features also features the song ‘Everyone Is Gay’, which was recorded in an effort to raise funds for their friends’ queer website of the same name.

After the song was released online, Vaccarino himself came out as gay in a video as part of A Great Big World’s ongoing ‘Day in the Life’ YouTube series.

A Great Big World performs in Sydney at the Metro on August 1 before Brisbane and Melbourne. 

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VIDEO: Check out the lyric video for 'Everyone Is Gay' by A Great Big World below


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