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Brisbane City Council Bans Queer Film Festival image

Brisbane City Council Bans Queer Film Festival image

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 24 February 2014 17:45 Written by // Andrew Shaw

Brisbane City Council (BCC) has banned a poster promoting the Brisbane Queer Film Festival which features two men kissing. 

The image, a same-sex tribute to From Here To Eternity, features two men kissing on a beach.

Krista Adams from BCC said council requested that this one of the three images be removed from public.

“We are mindful of the community’s views and believe that one of the three posters may be seen by many as too confronting,” Adams said.

Responding to the ban, Brisbane Powerhouse, which hosts the film festival, issued a statement:

“The marketing campaign for Brisbane Queer Film Festival was based around a number of different images, portraying gay couples recreating iconic cinema moments. Of the three images which we were using, BCC contacted us to discuss their concern around one of the images which was considered overly sexualised. We did not want the campaign message to be as narrow as this, and have used another image from the same shoot, with the same couple, expressing intimacy instead of sex. 

“The campaign is a positive representation of the diversity of gay culture which is a vital part of BPH [Brisbane Powerhouse] program.

“Our program is independent, diverse, risky and often controversial and we do this with the full blessing of Brisbane City Council.”

Jake Harrison (My Kitchen Rules), who features in the From Here To Eternity poster, tweeted to one commenter who admired the image: “thanks! But it’s been torn down in Brisbane! Help us out by re-tweeting! :)”.

Supporters of the image have also taken to Facebook to counteract the negative image they say this presents of Brisbane.

One support site commented: “Now, while we don't know the full details behind the decision, it's sadly smacked a redneck label across this city yet again and has left many feeling a little less like equals in our community. Like it or not, that homophobic tag remains plastered firmly to our stateline.

“But that's not the Brisbane we know, and not the Brisbane many of you know. So we're reclaiming this city's stigma from all those who believe that we ain't nothin' but a bunch of bigoted hicks.

“This is our Brisbane. Yes, it might often embarrass us more than our drunken Uncle on a wedding dancefloor, but it's our home. We live here, we love here, and we kiss here. Always have. Always will.”

In 2011, a safe sex campaign – ‘Rip&Roll’ – was removed from bus shelters by its advertising agency after complaints that it showed two men embracing.

The campaign, funded by the Qld Association of Healthy Communities, was later reinstated and the Australian Standards Bureau later dismissed complaints against the campaign.

You can view the other two images here.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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  • Marianne

    25 February 2014 at 22:26 |
    Yes such an act reflects general popular opinion by population outside of QLD and of in QLD not from QLD....." bunch of backwater bigoted ignorant rednecks!" So not at all surprised by councils response. Try hards.


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