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ANZ's GAYTMs vandalised

ANZ's GAYTMs vandalised

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 10 March 2014 15:17

Installed as a symbol of solidarity and pride for the nation's LGBTI people in the lead up to Mardi Gras, ANZ's colourful GAYTMs were a hit with the public. Now it's been revealed two of the GAYTMs on Oxford Street have been vandalised.

Twitter posts began popping during the early hours of Sunday evening reporting two of the Darlinghurst cashpoints had been vandalised, with the GAYTM facades stripped off and smashed onto the street.

The vandalism has been described as a homophobic attack since the ATM's themselves had not been damaged only the 'GAYTM' facade.

The GAYTMs had been free from vandalism prior to this incident apart from a small piece of one of the ATM's facia being removed on Mardi Gras evening - assumably as a souvenir.

NSW Police are currently examining CCTV footage in the hopes of identifying the culprits.


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