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Out of the archives and now online, scrapbooks of incredible Australian LGBT news articles are now viewable online.

Released through the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, the scrapbooks are mostly made-up from newspaper articles and letters to the editor, showing Australia’s colourful history of LGBT liberation, hate, politics and opinion.

In one scrapbook by John Lee, an article details a demonstration held at Mosman, calling it the "biggest demonstration yet by the homosexual movement".

"About 200 people from Gay Liberation and CAMP joined forces to make an angry protest at the dismissal of Peter Bonsall-Boone, formerly church secretary of St Clement's, for making a public declaration of his homosexuality."


Image: An out-take from John Lee's scrapbook. Source: John Lee/


The archive has digitised a number of scrapbooks and photographic albums from John Lee, Digby Duncan, Jan Hillier, Andrew Hanson and Owen Huckle.

Another article details a protest held outside the Elizabeth Street over alleged discrimination by the ABC, protesters chanted, "two, four, six, eight, gay is just as good as straight".


Image: An out-take from John Lee's scrapbook. Source: John Lee/


A letter to the editor which appeared in The Australian newspaper in 1972 questions why “treatment” of homosexuals is even needed and applauded the strength of the LGBT community.

"The wonder is, that given our stigma, so many of us have managed to devise ways to lead happy and productive lives,” the writer said.

Another article written by Ron Saw of the Daily Telegraph describes the voice of a lesbian woman speaking at a demonstration outside the ABC as a seagull.

“When she opened her mouth – and worse, when they gave her an amplifier – it sounded exactly as if someone had trodden on a seagull,” Saw said.

“A hungry seagull, I’d have said: her voice had that same insistent, piercing maddening penetration of a seagull watching one clean fish.”


Image: An out-take from John Lee's scrapbook. Source: John Lee/


A letter sent into the Newcastle Sun in 1992 from an “Unhappy Homosexual” details one man's experience he had in telling his minister about his sexuality.


Image: An out-take from John Lee's scrapbook. Source: John Lee/


View the full scrapbook online here.



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Thu, 26 May 2016 15:53:59 +1000
Trans women dies after doctors couldn’t decide if she was allowed in women’s ward

A transgender woman who was repeatedly shot has died in Pakistan after she succumbed to her wounds.

Local media have reported that Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) staff couldn’t decide if the 23-year-old activist, only known as Alisha, was allowed access to the hospital’s women’s ward.

The situation soon came to the attention of Pakistani politician Asad Qaiser who directed staff place her in a private room, but by this stage her condition had deteriorated.


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Image: Alisha (right) with a friend. Source: Facebook/Trans Action Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Friends and supporters posted comments online expressing their disappointment.

‘After we protested, Alisha was shifted to a female ward but then female patients had a problem with her being transgender,’ one supporter posted online. 

‘Hospital staff in LRH are extremely rude and impolite. Transgender are abused and made fun of. Operation theatre staff are commenting on our dresses and looks,” another wrote.




After being turned away from the women’s ward, Alisha was reportedly placed in a room near the toilets in a men only ward.

Before her death Alisha was fighting to improve the rights of Transgender people through the TransAction Alliance.

[Image] source: Facebook


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Instagram bans #lesbian, #bi and #gays hashtags

Instagram has decided to ban a number of popular hashtags but it is far from an attack on the LGBT community.

With a large amount of adult material being posted to the social media platform, Instagram’s latest step has been taken to fight porn.

Other banned hashtags include, #adulting, #butt, #hotguy, #wet and many, many more.


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Users are still, for now, able to use many other hashtags that are popular among the LGBT community that include, #queer, #bisexual, #gaylove and #transgender.



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Queensland’s age of consent to become equal for all

The Queensland government has announced it will put forward legislation to end one of the state’s most discriminatory laws.

Currently the age of consent for vaginal sex is 16 but the age of consent for anal sex is 18.

Health Minister Cameron Dick said after hearing the advice of an expert panel the only way to move forward was to make both ages of consent the same.

“Making this change addresses a long standing case of legislative discrimination against gay men," he said.

Current legislation has made it hard for young gay men to have access to safe sex information.

"As health minister, I find it unacceptable that some Queenslanders are banned from discussing safe, consensual sexual activity with health professionals - it's archaic and it's dangerous,” he explained.

The state has also released a draft Sexual Health strategy which aims to give Queenslanders better access to information about sexual health, new levels of medical service and better quality training for sexual health workers.



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Waverley Council to build memorial for victims of gay hate crimes Wed, 25 May 2016 15:28:38 +1000 LGBTI activists to protest against Cory Bernardi Wed, 25 May 2016 10:16:00 +1000 Victorian government says sorry to gay men wrongfully convicted

The Victorian government has become the first government in the world to formally apologise to those convicted of homosexual acts.

Premier Daniel Andrews said "there was a time in our history when we turned thousands of young men into criminals ... this was profoundly wrong".

"On behalf of the Parliament, the government and the people of Victoria, for the laws we passed and the lives we ruined, and the standards we set, we are sorry."

Andrews went on to say "the fact is these laws represent nothing less than state sanctioned homophobia".

Related: Read Daniel Andrews' speech in full here

Until homosexuality was decriminalised in 1981, men could be sentenced for up to 15 years for having consensual sex with other men.

Andrews said the laws "had no place in a liberal democracy" and it is the responsibility of the current government to correct what previous government's "engineered".

"I look back at those statutes and I am dumbfounded. I can’t possibly explain why we made these laws, and clung to them, and fought for them.”

He also went on to encourage same-sex couples to hold their partners hand in public with pride after detailing an example of two women who were convicted for doing so under the historic laws.


Image: Noel, Peter, Terry and Tom suffered from anti-homosexuality laws in Victoria. Source: supplied.


Andrews said Victoria is now the place to be for equality.

“In our state – equality is not negotiable. This is more than a simple gesture – it’s a powerful statement of responsibility.”

“Legal homophobia begun here, in this parliament. It has to end here too".

The apology was made to many that were directly affected by the laws, to Victoria’s LGBTI community and other supporters.

It follows the introduction of an expungement scheme in September 2015 after changes to the Sentencing Act 1991.

The changes recognised that homosexual sex between consenting adults should never have been a crime.

Watch Premier Daniel Andrews' video about why the apology is important here.

Andrews mentioned many men who were convicted under the laws including Noel, who said he didn't understand why it was a crime.

"I knew having sex with men was against the law but I didn't understand why it was a crime," he said.

"At the first hearing, I stood in the dock and the judge said, 'You have been charged with the abominable crime of buggery. How do you plead?'"

"The maximum sentence was fifteen years."


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Image: Noel was convicted under Victorian law and sent to Pentridge Prison. Source: Supplied.


"The day-to-day routine inside Pentridge Prison was menacing and dangerous. And I was always worried about Mumma. She was abused by her next door neighbour for having a son like me."


Image: Pentridge Prison as it stands today. Source: Google Maps. 


Noel said the Melbourne press cruicifed him and after "only two people" would talk to him. 

"I couldn't go to dance class or get a job. I was a known criminal," he said.

The apology has been welcomed by many.






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