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Throwback Thursday: AXNational, July 2007

Throwback Thursday: AXNational, July 2007

CREATED ON // Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Once upon a time, Gay Life had a sister publication, which was a gay men's lifestyle magazine. 

And by ‘gay men’s lifestyle’, we mean a magazine full of photos of guys in underwear.

Published monthly, it ran for about eight years under several names: SX National, AX National and later, AXN.

It featured articles with sections on travel, fitness, entertainment, fashion and culture. But let's be honest: no one really read it for the articles. We all know people just picked it up for the pictures.

The magazine, sadly, was put to bed in 2012, but that’s not going to stop us from raiding our archives and sharing the mag’s awesome pics.

So, in celebration of the magazine, and the beauty of the male form in general, we’re going to be featuring past photo spreads from SX National/AX National/AXN on the occasional Throwback Thursday.

And to kick things off is this cool shoot from AX National July 2007 by prolific Sydney photographer Pedro Virgil.

It’s one of the magazine’s first locally commissioned photo shoots with an underwear model, a spread that would later lay the foundation for future issues.

Aah the memories.










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