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WATCH: Here's the first look at the new Aussie gay teen high school TV drama ‘Subject to Change’

WATCH: Here's the first look at the new Aussie gay teen high school TV drama ‘Subject to Change’

CREATED ON // Saturday, 27 December 2014 Author // Reg Domingo

Australian television’s first drama series featuring same-sex attracted teen protagonists - Subject to Change - has released a teaser for its pilot episode, giving viewers an exciting preview of things to come.

The pilot episode of Subject to Change was filmed in Sydney last month and is currently in post production. The producers are planning worldwide film festival release next year.

Creator/director Daniel Mercieca said Subject to Change comes at an important time for Australia’s TV landscape, which is at a “turning point”.


Above: Creator and Director Daniel Mercieca with the lead of his TV drama pilot Subject to Change, Aiden Debono. Top image: On the set of Subject to Change - JD Stone, Ashleigh Carmody, Katy Avery, Aiden Debono, James Ritchie, Erin Kebby, Sarry Habra, Maryann Wright.

“The arrival of streaming services like Netflix, Stan and Presto means Australians will be able to watch the quality TV they want to watch – when and where they want to watch – not just the ‘safe’ programs,” Mercieca said.

Subject to Change has strongest appeal with a young adult demographic (15-35) yet still can find an emotional connection with all viewers, in a similar way to Puberty Blues. It is relatable, realistic and gritty.”

A thirteen episode series of 22-25 minute episodes is currently in development.

“We currently have no development funding but look forward to discussions with interested co-producers in the New Year.” Mercieca said.


Above: The Subject to Change cast ... JD Stone, James Ritchie, Maryann Wright, Aiden Debono, Katy Avery, Ashleigh Carmody.

With more than one in five* Australian high school students not identifying as exclusively heterosexual, producers said the making of Subject to Change is as timely as ever.

Featuring 16-year-old newcomer Aiden Debono, with co-leads Katy Avery and Maryann Wright, the production has also attracted the talented Julia Ohannessian and Kate Worsley whose roles as the students’ teachers are set to develop through the first season.

The pilot of Subject to Change was written by Thomas Buxereau, co-produced by Rory Delaney and Di Smith.


Above: The cast put together a meme thanking fans for reaching 1000 page likes on Facebook. Visit their Facebook page here.

Find out more about Subject to Change on their website here.


Reg Domingo

Reg Domingo

Reg Domingo is the editor of SX.

Comments (2)

  • Tanya

    24 January 2015 at 13:47 |
    This is great - though not the first Aussie show depicting same sex attracted teens. Dance Academy on the ABC was kinda a trailblazer, and did that a good couple of years ago.


  • Derek Williams

    27 December 2014 at 16:37 |
    Impressive! This is groundbreaking that the producers think there's an audience big enough to go for this.


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