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Kindred Spirits: Celebrating Sydney Leather Pride

Kindred Spirits: Celebrating Sydney Leather Pride

CREATED ON // Monday, 28 October 2013 Author // Danny Corvini

From education workshops to Inquisition, Sydney’s leather community will be out in force this week to celebrate leather pride and culture, writes Danny Corvini.

There are few looks as synonymous with the gay scene as a man strutting up Oxford Street in a pair of leather chaps. While this may be unrealistic for many and may even set a few peroxide twinks into a death spin, it’s a vision that will come to life when the Sydney Leather Pride Week kicks off this Sunday and the leather and fetish community comes out loud and proud.

Sydney Leather Pride Week returns this year under the stewardship of a new Sydney Leather Pride Association president, Webby Webster. Despite a tough year personally that has seen Webster drawn out of town for months at a time to deal with family health issues, she is confident that Sydney Leather Pride is ready to offer a great week of events that will veer from the educational to the down ‘n dirty.

The highlight of the week is Inquisition's 21st birthday; a significant feat in the party universe considering even Sleaze Ball didn’t last the distance.

“There are not many other parties that are surviving 21 years!” Webster tells SX. “It will be a big one – a coming of age.”

The party was at The Dome for many years, but this year moves to The Imperial Hotel. According to Webster, with the savings “we can do things a bit differently like putting our money and effort into other things like decorating”.

Produced by the WoofClub’s Steve Atkins, the party will be split over the Imperial’s two rooms with the cabaret room acting as a chill out area and downstairs as the source of the real dance floor action.

“The DJs are aligned and everyone will come away saying, ‘That was a great night’,” Webster says. “You won’t have handbag followed by tribal followed by trance. It will be big beats, tribal, dirty and deep music – the music that we love.”

The community may have lost Manacle a couple of years back but Webster believes the leather community is coping without a full time venue as there’s been no shortage of events to take its place. However, she says that an annual pride week is an important chance for leather folk to mix and celebrate with their interstate and international “kindred”.

Leather Pride Week offers opportunities for different dress styles: from formal leather at Thursday’s cocktail party to the sexual at Inquisition. But with many partygoers going to great lengths and expense to look their best at Inquisition, Webster urges first timers to make a reasonable effort.

“The hardest thing since 9/11 is finding the little badges and patches, as the different laws means you can’t buy a lot of police stuff as easily as you used to.

“But just make sure you go with a good frame of mind and have fun.”

[Image] Sydney Leather Pride Week culminates with Inquisition, which this year turns 21. Photos: Bad Behaviour Publishing

Sydney Leather Pride Week runs from Sunday, October 27 to Saturday, November 2. Full details at www.sydneyleatherpride.org 


SLPA Education: A Sound & A Spank
Wednesday 30 October
Entry: $20 general admission, $15 members and kindred
Details available upon email registration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A relaxed workshop that's welcoming to all. Mistress Anna will explore the sensual aspects of sounds and urethral play and Titi will present a refresher on flogging and spanking. The curious and first timers needn't be nervous. "If people think that the first time they go they're going to end up getting tied to a tree, that doesn't happen!" says Webster. "It's all about consensual. If it's not safe and you haven't agreed to it, it won't happen."

SLPA Fetish Cocktails
Thursday 31 October
The Polo Lounge, The Oxford Hotel
Entry: $20 general admission, $15 members and kindred
Whereas the party is for comfort and sexiness, everyone will dress up in formal leather wear at the cocktail party. That means full leather wear from top to toe. "It's not a late night because it's a school night, but you do get a cocktail on arrival," tempts Webster.

SLPA Inquisition XXI: Deliverance
Saturday 2 November  
The Imperial Hotel
Entry: $60 general admission, $45 SLPA members
Two floors, 8 amazing DJs featuring Feisty, Karl Anderson, Mark Louque (USA), Sveta, Amanda Louise, Kai Chan, Mat Murray and Rob Davis. Limited capacity: Advance purchase highly recommended!

Editor’s Note: Tuesday’s If We Shadows exhibition has been cancelled due to illness.

For details, go to www.sydneyleatherpride.org 



Danny Corvini

Danny Corvini

Danny Corvini is a Sydney-based freelance writer.

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