Meet the designers decking out Feast Festival's chill out lounge

Meet the designers decking out Feast Festival's chill out lounge

CREATED ON // Wednesday, 03 September 2014 Author // Ron Hughes

Cain and Markus, the uber-cool designers behind Louis Bond have been commissioned to create the chill out lounge for this year’s Feast. They spoke to Ron Hughes.

“Well, we’re going to have a huge marquee in the courtyard [at the Feast Hub in the Lion Arts Centre] which will be a space for people to relax and enjoy the atmosphere between shows, and it will be called the Indulge Lounge,” Markus says enthusiastically.

Indeed, Indulge – a Feast for all the senses is this year’s Feast motto.

“We’re thinking opulence, rich velvets, with a kind of Moroccan or Middle Eastern luxury, Arabian Nights: carpets, drapes, hangings, ottomans, pouffes – lots of pouffes!” Markus chuckles.

“We’re thinking regal luxury – give a queen some royalty,” Cain agrees.

“We’ve been talking a lot to Cassandra [Liebeknecht, Feast general manager] and she wanted to take it up to another level this year, a stylish level,” Cain continues. “So we thought we’d try something that really hasn’t been done before for Feast.”

Of course, all the expected amenities will be on hand, including bar and food facilities.

“Outside the marquee, there will be an open area where there will be food vans and so forth, so people can get something to eat and something to drink and enjoy the atmosphere we’ve created for them,” Markus explains.

A stage is also being incorporated for live entertainment so there will always be something different going on to keep the punters amused.

“Putting it in a marquee protects people from the elements, I mean the nights can still be cold in November and you can still get rain,” Markus says. “Above all we want to create a space that’s warm and welcoming and relaxing so people will be encouraged to spend some time and mingle and enjoy the whole atmosphere that comes with Feast.”

The duo are also developing other spaces such as Nexus and one or two places on Hindley Street to bring a sense of connection, a wholeness that unites the festival venues.

They’re also theming the Feast Program Launch Party which will take place this month, but at the moment they’re giving nothing away.

With this pair pulling the strings, it’s sure to be something unexpected.

For details on this year’s program launch, keep checking

[Top image] Cain and Markus. Photo: Scott Reynolds


Ron Hughes

Ron Hughes

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