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Comic Relief

CREATED ON // Friday, 09 May 2014

Originally known as the LGBTI Comic Readers Interest Group, GraphicQ was developed as a spin off to the already established Brisbane local book club, Queer Readers, with a focus on superheroes, comics and graphic novels. Curt Singleton tells Queensland Pride about the group.

GraphicQ is an LGBT group that appreciates comics and graphic novels. The aim here is to bring together like-minded LGBTI individuals and friends who have an enjoyment or love of reading comics and graphic novels. Additionally, the group was created to provide a space for people to just connect, to socialise with one another, to make some new friends and to enjoy good conversation about the comics each person enjoys.  

The group was created in autumn of 2012 and has been growing ever since with 52 current members on the Facebook page and averaging 7 to 10 active face-to-face members. However, we’d like to see more community members attend the monthly meetings. The diversity of the group includes individuals of varying genders and sexuality and across Queensland as opposed to simply Brisbane.

The team started out with just myself and Vanessa and later Joseph Robinson but has grown to also include James Young and Rebecca Buttenshaw who support with the coordination of the meetings and community events.

Future plans include doing more social activities as a group. The group has been discussing the idea of attending more movies together and hosting movie nights at the Brisbane Square Library.

Speaking of movies, for those interested in checking out cinema releases, we could arrange to attend a new release together as a group, followed by discussion over a meal or coffee and relate it to the comic books itself. Or perhaps host a DVD night, featuring some of the group’s favourite comic books made into film.

We generally have monthly themes for our meetings, where the chosen titles are reflective of the monthly theme. For example, we have had a women in comics month, featuring Wonder Woman’s new 52 series. We select, as a group, two books a month and then online reading options as well for additional reading and discussion. Members do not have to have read all titles selected but potentially one and are encouraged to do so and to bring discussion to the meetings.

We find that comics often portray a sense of morale and such values as justice and equality. During our meetings, we sometimes look at the values portrayed in comics and how they relate to our own as individuals and members of the LGBT community. We also generally discuss character development, along with artist creativity and drawings, while all along providing feedback on the direction the story has taken over the life of a comic or particular run of a series.  

We are looking for some local artists to help design the next set of flyers for the group. We’d like a superhero themed flyer (one DC and one Marvel style) along with a non-superheroes generated flyer. Our previous artists in the group have had to take leave due to work and study, so we no longer have a resident artist for the group unfortunately.

We meet monthly, on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm, at the Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) with light refreshments and lively discussion.

To get involved please attend a meeting or contact Curt on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Joseph on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or communicate with us on Facebook by searching LGBT Comic Readers Interest Group.

Members are open to discuss their interests in comics on our group page, too. You do not have to identify as a member of the LGBT community to attend, as all are welcome!


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