Chef Oscar Peñailillo is set to fire up your tastebuds at Shift Kitchen

Chef Oscar Peñailillo is set to fire up your tastebuds at Shift Kitchen

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 13 March 2017 14:21 Written by // Cec Busby

“You know how you feel when you find something that makes you happy?” That’s how I feel about cooking,” says Shift Kitchen’s new chef, Oscar Peñailillo.

“Before I came to cooking I was studying Vet Sciences and I realised I didn’t want that as my career. So I quit and started studying to be a chef,” he explains. “It was perfect for me. And I went from being lost to found. I found what I love.”

The Chilean born Peñailillo arrived in Australia almost three years ago and immediately fell in love with our easy lifestyle and foodie culture. He set about making his mark on the culinary scene. Now that he’s settled into the role as chef at the newly re-opened Shift Kitchen he tells SX he wants to share his ethos of simple yet delicious dining with the Shift’s clientele.

“I want to deliver really tasty food that is without complications – but still has fantastic flavours,” he says.


[image] Oscar is ready to fire up your tastebuds. Photo Cec Bubsy

“It’s pub food but with a little extra touch. I cook with my soul. So I try to cook with love. I like to think that I’m cooking for my friends, because then every dish I make I put in that little bit of extra enthusiasm and I hope that comes through in the flavours.”

Peñailillo says before taking on his new role as chef of Shift Kitchen he was a Midnight Shift regular so he has a good understanding of what the venue and its punters’ expect.

“I’m gay as well, so it feels like I am working with my family. Everyone is super friendly and supportive. I’m trying to make the restaurant feel like home,” he says.

“I want it to be fun and no stress. You come here and you have a fun easy time, you drop in on your way home from work, grab a beer, have a burger. Sit down for a salmon or some steak or a chicken lollipop. The food is delicious and you’ll always have good company.” Peñailillo concludes.

Shift Kitchen is open for dinner from Thursday to Sunday at 5pm. Go to


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