DJs rally together to support Scottie Lupton

DJs rally together to support Scottie Lupton

CREATED ON // Thursday, 04 September 2014 Author // Reg Domingo

Over 20 DJs and performers will come together this Friday night at the Colombian Hotel in support of DJ Scottie Lupton, who is recovering from a rare illness that struck him while travelling in South East Asia.

DJ Alex Taylor, Dan Murphy, Chip, Sveta and others will be playing at Back 2 Love, a long-running club night organised by Lupton, to raise funds to help pay for some of Lupton’s expenses incurred while he was being treated overseas.

It was in Cambodia where Lupton first showed signs of an illness, which doctors first thought was a chest infection.

When his condition worsened several days later, he was put in a Phnom Penh medical centre where he stayed for two weeks.

But rather than get better, Lupton’s health deteriorated. He was soon airlifted by an emergency air ambulance to Bangkok.

Stevan Buckman, Lupton’s partner of 20 years, said: “It got to the point where the doctors thought he might not survive”.


Above: Scottie Lupton (right) with partner Stevan Buckman. Top image: Scottie on his way back to Sydney in early August.

Buckman said doctors in Bangkok discovered that the “bug that caused the pneumonia in his lungs had spread through his blood stream, causing three abscesses in his brain”.

“The doctors were pretty frank in Bangkok, telling me that they really don’t know how this is going to work out.”

Lupton’s condition was so critical that Buckman was urged to contact other members of Lupton’s family to be there.

Then Lupton underwent surgery.

“It was decided the abscesses had to be drained, so we had surgery for that,” Buckman says.

“Scottie’s slowly been getting better ever since. He’s onto some pretty hardcore antibiotics.”

It turned out Lupton had contracted melliodosis, a rare bacteria that, if left untreated, can be fatal.

“It took doctors another four days to work out what bug it was, because it is a very rare – it’s not very common and it’s particularly nasty.”

Buckman says Lupton is now “definitely on the mend”.

“I’ve been told he will make a full recovery, but it could take up to a year or two.”

When news of Lupton’s plight hit Sydney, his friends rallied behind to support him, spearheaded by friend and fellow DJ, Chip Glenn.

Glenn says the idea for a fundraiser was first floated by fellow DJ Colin Gaff.

“Colin suggested that it would be a great benefit if the Colombian Hotel, the home of Scottie’s classic night Back 2 Love, would contribute DJ wages to help Scottie and his partner Stevan pay some hard bills,” Glenn tells SX.

“My connections with the Colombian are strong and [manager] Robert Doran and [venue consultant] Michael Wheatley were right on it and very happy to go with the flow.

“The idea spiralled and we suddenly had 20 or so DJs, performers and media all in support,” Glenn says. “Scottie and Stevan are family – gay family, and that's why the night is what it is.”


Wheatley says the Colombian was more than happy to offer its support to Lupton.

“Scottie is so dearly loved by practically every DJ in the scene,” Wheatley tells SX. “And he’s been putting on Back 2 Love for a long time, nearly for a decade now, at different venues and the like.”

All DJs and performers are donating their time and talents for the cause. Wheatley says when asked to appear, “they all said yes within a day or two”.

Glenn says the way DJs have rallied together for a fellow DJ highlights the caring nature of Gay Sydney’s DJ community

“I think Sydney DJs really like and respect each other and no one batted an eye lid,” Glenn says. “There were a couple that couldn't make it , but their support was there all the way.

Buckman said both he and Lupton were touched by the outpouring of support from the community.

“It’s pretty overwhelming,” Buckman says. “Everybody has been really amazing without their support and messages of love.”

Glenn is urging people to swing by at Back 2 Love and show their support.

“We hope people come to the Colombian to remember how fragile our lives and our friendships are – and how we all love a great night full of great music,” Glenn says.

“That’s what Back 2 love is about. We really hope that people come for a couple of drinks, have a dance, chat and be happy. And if a goldie falls into a bucket to help with the fundraiser, then thank you very much.”

Show your support for Scottie Lupton at Back 2 Love this Friday, September 5, from 8pm, at Colombian Hotel, 117 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Free entry, donations on the night welcome.


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Reg Domingo

Reg Domingo

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