Dandy meets Dishy

Dandy meets Dishy

CREATED ON // Monday, 21 July 2014 Author // Sabine Brix

Both have made strides filling voids in the gay scene. Together, they will make a lot of noise for Sydney queers. This week, local online magazine Dandy will unveil their latest issue at alternative drag event Dishy. Sabine Brix reports.

Branded as “anything but your average gay mag”, Dandy was born out of a desire to fill a void in the market for Sydney’s creative queers.

Editor-in-chief Sebastian Andreassen and event coordinator/editor Jack Freestone were compelled to begin the magazine to showcase the artistic endeavours of their contemporaries whose work was going unrecognised.

“A lot of our friends were involved in these creative projects that we were inspired by,” Freestone explains. “However, we noticed that those people that were around us were slipping beneath the radar of some of the other gay publications that were available. So we kind of started the magazine out of a desire to give those people a voice as well.”

Founded in 2012, Dandy started out as an online magazine, presented as a digital flipbook. But now, it is much more of an interactive web experience with audio and visual content. The added complexity has intensified the production process and Dandy is now published bi-annually instead of quarterly.

Although not targeted at any specific pocket of queer Sydney, Dandy does reflect the lives and experiences of its creative team who reside in the inner-west.

“In terms of the content that goes into our publication, it’s also a reflection of the day to day lives we lead,” Freestone says. “We both live in the inner west and all our friends are there too. To be honest, it’s a publication which maybe caters towards that market, but I don’t think that was an explicit decision.”


Above: Sebastian Andreassen (left) and Jack Freestone (right) of Dandy with Dishy event producer, James Lillicot (centre). Photo: Cec Busby

Issue Six of Dandy launches on July 26 at Freda’s in collaboration with alternative drag event Dishy.

Dishy producer James Lillicot is a long-time friend of Andreassen and Freestone. The trio have collaborated together on several Dandy launch parties and Dishy events, but this will mark the first time they have come together to celebrate as one.

“We love what Dandy does, so we thought we’d collaborate,” said Lillicot, who described a typical Dishy event as “lots of silly fun”.

Lillicot, who also goes by the DJ name Smithers, says he felt there was a big polarisation of the gay scene with big clubs on Oxford Street versus small alternative house parties. As such, much like Dandy, Dishy began to provide him and his friends with something a little different.

“We wanted a to create something that was a bunch of fun, didn’t take itself too seriously and had everyone singing and dancing to tunes they already know,” Lillicot says.

He’s certainly managed that. The Dishy parties are slowly gathering a loyal following of LGBTI folk who love Dishy’s dishevelled drag acts and hands in the air tunes.

“Often it’s really impromptu, and the acts aren’t really polished – they’re often a little punk,” Lillicot says. “For this party we’ll be having a live band – Professor Groove and the Booty Affair – and they’ll be playing pretty silly fun dance tracks.”


Above: Highlights from Dandy VI

Much like a Dishy event, the next issue of Dandy is an eclectic reflection of queer and popular culture, featuring writer Nic Holas, Olympic snowboard champ Belle Brockhoff, a lesbian BDSM group, actress Miranda Otto and musician Ella Hooper.

“One thing about Dandy is that not all the content is about gay people,” Andreassen notes. “It’s about content that we think a gay audience would find interesting.”

You only have to do a quick peruse online to notice homo mags are increasing by the dozen and that the gay audienceis extremely varied.

“I think what’s great about the gay community now is that there are so many different pockets within it and there are so many different things to document in terms of what’s going on in the LGBTI community,” Freestone says. “That diversity is reflected in the amount of publications that are available.”

Dishy Dandies: The Dandy VI Launch Party is on Saturday, July 26, from 6pm, at Freda’s, 107 Regent Street, Chippendale.

For details on the launch party, visit the Facebook event page here.

Visit the Dandy website here: dandymagazine.com.au


Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix is the digital editor for Gay News Network.

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