Brisbane Pride Festival 2014: Define Me!

Brisbane Pride Festival 2014: Define Me!

CREATED ON // Tuesday, 26 August 2014 Author // Andrew Shaw

Where do we start with this year’s Pride Festival? With a definition of who we are. This year, taking a cue from a simple but stunning video by queer singer songwriter Ryan Amador, Pride asks simply ‘Define Me’. 

As we all know, no matter what the stereotypes may be, there is no one definition that covers the LGBTI community. We don’t all love Kylie and Adam. We don’t all stay up all night partying. Ok, some of us do; but once you start to define the community as a whole you run into problems.


US singer-songwriter Ryan Amador’s song ‘Define Me’ inspired this year’s Pride Festival theme.

‘Define Me’ is asking us to look at our individual qualities. We are courageous, loved, brave, funny – definition is a personal thing. As we head into Pride 2014, maybe the festival will help you define yourself. To help you, 20 images of people stripped back and ‘defined’ will be released, one by one, over the course of the festival.

To the events: Pride kicks off with the Gala Launch: Cloudland once again lifts us up into the stratosphere as we wine and dine in this amazing, fairytale of a venue in the Valley.


Historical pride: gay rights.

QuAC’s christening the newly refurbished Wickham Hotel with its PlayBox party fundraiser – a chance to get inside and have a look around for a good cause. For the arty types, there’s an exhibition of queer art at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery. New lobby group DiGS Equality lays out the blanket for its first event: a picnic at the Roma Street Parklands.

During Pride this year don’t forget Brisbane Leather Pride for a trip into kink & fetish territory. This massive event takes up two whole pages in the Pride guide and we got a taste of things to come in the last issue of QP.

There are many other events stage as part of Pride this year – check out the guide for details. But the highlight is the Rally & March on September 20, the most highly visible LGBTI event in Brisbane. Like last year, it starts in the Valley heading down Brunswick Street to New Farm Park where we celebrate Fair Day. (More details of Fair Day in our next issue, but Ryan Amador, Rawr Vanity and Kristy Apps are in the stage line-up.)

In the meantime, get out there and start defining yourself. You may be surprised at what you find out.

Check out the Brisbane Pride flipbook here

[Top image]: Definition: Brave!


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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