Caroline Nin: Femme fatale

Caroline Nin: Femme fatale

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 11 June 2014 12:34 Written by // Cec Busby

Whether she’s tackling Dietrich or Piaf, Minelli or Brel, Caroline Nin’s seductive smoky jazz drawl, and her unique interpretations of the classics have proved this French chanteuse a favourite the world over.

Making her debut in the late eighties at the Hollywood Savoy in Paris’ alongside the likes of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Nin soon gathered a following of loyal fans thanks to her enchanting renditions of jazz standards.

It’s not too long before Nin’s name becomes synonymous with the smoky jazz clubs and cabaret cliques of the City of Lights. So much so that in the nineties Nin is chosen as the French Institute’s ambassador, to promote French culture through a series of concert tours from 1994 to 1996 across the UK and the US.

Shortly after, Nin embarks on her first fully-fledged solo show, creating Hymne a Piaf celebrating the songs of iconic French singer Edith Piaf. The show proves such a success it sells out at venues as far afield as London and Sydney. And thus Nin moves into a new stage of her career as a celebrated international cabaret star.

In the ensuing year’s Australian audiences have been lucky enough to have see Nin’s award winning shows on several occasions, including her her interpretations of the music of Marlene in La Dietrich, and Piaf in Hymne a Piaf. This month Nin lands on our shores once more to perform in Songs and Stories of the Paris Lido.

The show chronicles her time as the headlining performer at the famous Champs Elycees venue, the Paris Lido and serves up a celebration of the music and songs of the Parisian underbelly.

“Five years spent at the Lido, performing night after night have been a very important part of my life as a chanteuse, as a performer. I had to write this show to express the passion that the Lido has brought to me, it is an honour and pleasure to perform and tell stories of the underworld of the most famous cabaret in the world.”

See Caroline Nin: Songs and Stories of the Paris Lido at the Brisbane Powerhous on June 13  &  Parramatta Riverside's Lennox Theatre on June 14. Buy tickets

Watch Caroline Nin performs MiLord

Watch Caroline Nin performs Non Je Ne Regrette Rien


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