No happy ending for DC's lesbian heroine Batwoman

No happy ending for DC's lesbian heroine Batwoman

LAST UPDATED // Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:44 Written by // Cec Busby

Fans of DC Comics' Batwoman series were expecting a lesbian wedding in the new issue, after writers JH William and W Haden Blackmore had the gay superhero propose to her girlfriend Gotham City police officer Maggie Sawyer.

Instead the two acclaimed comic book writers have quit the comic world’s only lebian super hero series and released a joint statement saying they were frustrated and angry after the powers that be at DC put the kybosh on the female Caped Crusader’s happy ending.

DC initially declined to comment on the axing – but as the furore of Batwoman’s fans became apparent, one of the comic’s co-publishers has come out with his version of events, suggesting Batwoman can’t get married because “heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives”.

At Baltimore Comic Con, co-publisher Dan Dio said: “Heroes shouldn’t have happy personal lives. They are committed to being that person and committed to defending others at the sacrifice of their own personal interests.

“That’s very important and something we reinforced. People in the Bat family their personal lives basically suck. Dick Grayson, rest in peace—oops shouldn’t have said that,—Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon and Kathy Kane. It’s wonderful that they try to establish personal lives, but it’s equally important that they set them aside. That is our mandate, that is our edict and that is our stand.”

Since Williams and Blackmore’s resignation, DC has hired openly gay comic scribe Marc Andreyko of Manhunter fame to take over Batwoman from issue 25.


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