Coming out welcomed in hit teen TV series

Coming out welcomed in hit teen TV series

LAST UPDATED // Wednesday, 15 January 2014 13:56 Written by // Michael Magnusson

As promised earlier this year a lead character in the hit British teen sci-fi/fantasy series Wizards and Aliens has come out as gay.

Benny (pictured) the science geek and best friend of teenage wizard Tom came out in the episode aired in the UK last week.

The series was created by Russell Davies, who also created the groundbreaking series Queer as Folk.

Whilst trapped on an alien spacecraft and trying to thwart plans to destroy Earth Tom and Benny discuss their romantic futures and when Tom calls him out for never having had a date, Benny explains he is the “equal and opposite” of his best friend.

“I’ll go on a date one day, just not with a girl,” he says.
Tom responds with: “That’s brilliant.”
“It’s not brilliant, it just is,” Benny responds, after which Tom is resolved to stop the alien attack at all costs.
“The world needs to survive so you can go on your very first date,” he promises.

Last year, the BBC was given expert advice that children should be introduced to sexual diversity in their early years and Wizards and Aliens have been praised for the depiction of the character’s coming out.

Wizards Vs Aliens is currently screening on Sundays on ABC 3.



Michael Magnusson

Michael Magnusson

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