Number 29 – more than just sex

Number 29 – more than just sex

CREATED ON // Friday, 23 May 2014 Author // Andrew Shaw

Never been to a sex on premises venue? Just wanting to know what Brisbane has to offer men who have sex with men? Andrew Shaw has a chat to the guys at Number 29.

How would you describe Number 29 to someone who had never heard of it?

Number29, fondly known just as “29” is a specially designed space for men who enjoy sex with men, it was designed and operates as part sex on premises venue, part chill out lounge and part event space. 29 is a non-judgmental environment where any guys come to cruise other guys. It is a safe sex venue and is committed to the safer and better educated celebration of male to male sexuality.

Who is behind it and when did it open?

29 opened on the September 21, 2012. It is owned by Brenton Larcombe, an industry professional of over a decade prior, and his partner, Deeje Hancock.

You have a chill lounge, what can guys access in there?

We do have a chill out lounge known as ‘The Stag Lounge, where bucks come to play’. This area is a relaxing part of the club with Foxtel, internet, Wi-Fi access, pool table and lounge area all free for the use of patrons of the club. The Stag Lounge is also the home of our weekly strip pool comp, which has a minimum prize pool of $100 guaranteed and winners usually walking home with around $175 in their pocket and a smile on their face.

What other areas do you have?

29 is the only cruise club in Brisbane where smoking is legal – we have a private, outdoor garden area where patrons are welcome to smoke. We also have the many cruising areas from mild and private areas to wild and exhibitionistic public show areas. As well as the club operating daily, 29 has “The Private Hole” which is a specifically designed event area.


Can you get food at 29?

As part of the Stag Lounge, 29 does provide a range of hot food, snacks and soft drinks, all available to all patrons whenever we are open.

How does 29 get involved in the community?

We have always had a strong sense of community and it was a wish of ours when opening the club to be able to assist where we could. 29 has donated the ‘Private Hole’ to community groups for workshops and fundraising events, we have also underwritten fundraising events of our own, donating to Brisbane Pride Festival, have had Many Genders use our car park for community car wash as well as sponsoring events such as Queen’s Ball and Pride Fair Day.

It is OUR COMMUNITY that provides us with our business and we feel it’s important to put something back.

What events do you regularly have throughout the year?

‘The Private Hole’ host regular events such as NUDIE, a dance party for guys who like to hang out naked. JOCK foam parties, a dance party where we unleash the foam monster for guys in jocks or swimwear, KINK a Bootco run annual event and of course RIGID – our annual Good Friday whole venue event that simply goes off.

Do you ever hold events for women?

29 itself does not hold any ladies’ events, however the Private Hole is available, separate to the main club and not only can but has been host to events such as ladies nights, trans nights – including a workshop with Buck Angel – and mixed BDSM events.

How tightly regulated are sex on premises venues in Queensland? Is there a code you must adhere to?

SOPVs, or sex on premises venues, in Queensland are basically self-governed. There is a code of conduct created some years ago between the SOPVs, QuAC and Queensland Health, and 29 adheres to this strictly. Whilst there is no strict regulation as such, we have, since opening, liaised with Brisbane City Council, Valley police, QuAC, QPP and Queensland Health on all matters of safety and health, both sexual and general.

A cruise club isn’t a brothel – you don’t guarantee that guys will have sex do you?

[Laughing] No, we cannot guarantee that guys will have sex with you. When you pay for entry to Number29 you are literally doing just that – simply paying for us to open a door. The rest is up to those inside. What we can say is that very few guys leave without a smile on their face and we believe we “lay out the best buffet of blokes in Brisbane, it’s up to the patron to choose which dishes he wants to eat”. Guys have a diverse range of tastes and desires and with over 2,500 guys coming through the doors each month it’s pretty hard not to hook up.

Are there guys who go there who are into BDSM, role play, etc – is there diversity?

There is a huge diversity of guys who come to 29 and we both welcome and cater for that. Private spaces can be arranged with management for BDSM sessions and we have a range of theme rooms that cater to just about any taste (and some more on the way… watch this space). We get all types, shapes, sizes and ages and providing you are over 18 and male, we welcome you.

Is it a safe sex environment and how do you maintain that?

29 is indeed a safe sex environment, which we maintain by ensuring there are free condoms and lube in each and every cruising space. Ultimately how guys hook up is up to them and for all guys who are reading this, we firmly advocate the use of condoms during sex play, that’s why we provide them. But communication is the biggest key to safer sex practises. If you are going to be sexually intimate with someone, take the time to ask about their status, etc. We are also active with QuAC outreach, our staff are always available for advice and there is an extensive range of material provided by QuAC, QPP and Queensland Health available for patrons.

Is there pressure to be cruising all the time, or is it ok to just hang out?

There has always been and still is etiquette to cruising venues like 29. There is absolutely no pressure to be cruising constantly at all and many of our patrons enjoy the Stag Lounge and garden as relaxing areas between sessions. We encourage first timers to take their time, get accustomed to the venue and spend time in the lounge if they need a break.

When cruising we have a lovely rule at 29: SAY YES ENTHUSIASTICALLY AND NO POLITLEY.

Is it possible to be given a guided tour if you are a newbie?

It is possible, however it does depend on the time and business of the club, our staff are all thoroughly trained and can explain all the areas and accessories. We do have a strict no play whilst working rule, though, so we can only give you the theory… no practical lessons whilst staff are on duty.

What are your opening hours?

29 is open Monday and Tuesday 11 am till 2am; Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 11am till 4am; Friday and Saturday 11am till 7am.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Only that we have a great bunch of guys who enjoy all facets of the club and the staff and management of Number29 would like to say thank you to them all. As well as everything above, 29 offers free security boxes so you can cruise without worrying about losing anything, free pass outs valid for the day of trading and free cloaking for those who like to wear a little less.

If you are thinking about popping in and checking us out, we welcome you. Please always feel free to discuss anything with the staff and if you are a newbie, let us know – we are all happy to help with anything. See you at 29 soon.

No 29, 29 McLachlan St, Valley.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of Queensland Pride.

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