Men, muscle, music: Daywash brings all the boys to the yard

Men, muscle, music: Daywash brings all the boys to the yard

CREATED ON // Saturday, 01 October 2016 Author // SX Team

For seven years, the Daywash crew have been serving up unforgettable parties with their heady mix of men, muscle and music. Their October Long Weekend edition is set to be their wildest yet. Party producer Johan Khoury gave SX the lowdown.

SX: Daywash is now in its seventh year and still going strong. What goes through your mind when look back at your earlier parties?

Johan Khoury: The best part of Daywash for me is the way it brings everyone together. It’s always a reunion. We all have busy lives, and I find Daywash brings us all out that once or twice a year. It’s a great catch up. These are my favourite memories, seeing all my friends in the one place having a great day.




What is it about Daywash that you think keep people coming back for more?

The Madness, the antics, the expected unexpectedness, the crowd of diversely hot men, the DJ’s, the music, the shows, the maze of a venue and of course the allure of the Daywash Courtyard at Sunset. Anyone who has ever experienced a Daywash will have those few hours of each Daywash emblazoned into their mind – there’s nothing like it.




Tell us about the party theme.

Daywash has always had a kind of frat party wildness to it: boys being boys, getting crazy and half naked and always looking to dance the day away and hook up.




What can punters expects with the production and theming?

Without giving too much away, each room will be a little bit different and, of course, expect nothing but Daywash madness as usual. For the first time we have an ‘old skool’ room that will be a bit of a throwback to college parties ‘way back when’ with DJs throwing down the best dance anthems, remixes and covers of the 80s, 90s and 00s tracks. And in the courtyard you can expect jocks, nerds, cheerleaders and lots of red cups. The rest we will leave as a surprise.




You’ve assembled another stellar line-up DJs and entertainment.

16 DJs over three levels. We’ve got our Daywash favourites including Brett Austin, JimJam, Murray Hood, DJ Mickey, Mason, Sveta, Anvi, Neil Hume and Amanda Louise, plus some interstates including Jade Glover, Craig Hemphill, Chris Spicer and Paul Watson to add even more kick. 
On the entertainment front, you’ll see jelly wrestling competitions, naked twister, fire twirling hunks, the swat team, and Eric The Keg King. You’ll get to lick things off frat boys’ bodies with licking competitions – but what you’ll be licking is yet to be revealed. There will also be a fluro body paint show and a ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ extravaganza.




Final words for Daywash revellers…

This next Daywash has proven to be one of our busier ones with pre-sales selling out quicker than usual, maybe because the last Daywash was too long ago back during Mardi Gras weekend in February – or maybe because everyone is ready for Sydney’s first gay frat party. But one thing for sure is that everyone seems to be loving getting their outfits ready. My advice is get there early, doors open from midday. You wouldn’t want to miss a beat!



Sunday 2 October
Chinese Laundry
11 Sussex Street, Sydney
Final pre-sale tickets:



Craig Hemphill
Jade Glover
Brett Austin
Amanda Louise
Murray Hood
Mason Andrews
Johny Blueboy
Paul Watson
Matt Green
DJ Anvi
Neil Hume
Chris Spencer



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