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Kings Collective debut dynamic season of plays at Sydney Fringe Festival

Kings Collective debut dynamic season of plays at Sydney Fringe Festival

CREATED ON // Saturday, 30 August 2014

Newly-formed theatre group The Kings Collective is presenting a dynamic season of three plays at the Sydney Fringe Festival.

Newly formed theatre group The Kings Collective are presenting their debut season, Lepidoptera: An Exploration of Youth, as part of Sydney Fringe 2014.

The season comprises three plays across three weeks, including Out of Gas on Lover's Leap by Mark St Germain, This is Our Youth by Kenneth Lonergan, and Gruesome Playground Injuries by Rajiv Joseph. According to the artistic director of Kings Collective, David Harrison, each play is a visceral and heartbreaking exploration of youth and our innate fragility.

“The three plays explore the crucial moment between adolescence and adulthood,” Harrison tells SX. “The tenderness and fragility of youth, the different ways that we deal with our upbringings and how that affects the adults we become.”

The Kings Collective is made up of a core gang of five young actors, ‘The Core Collective’, which includes Georgia Scott, Megan McGlinchey, Scott Lee, Cecelia Peters, and Harrison. But they also collaborate with a number of guest artists.  

“It’s a collective of young artists who aim to empower ourselves by taking charge of our careers and contributing the type of work that we wish to see on the Australian stage and screen,” Harrison says. “The idea had been bubbling away in my head for a very long time, having produced and created theatre before, but what I was waiting for was the right group of inspiring artists to help bring it to life. When I saw the work of Scott, Georgia and Megan at the Larry Moss Masterclass this year, I was called to action.

Sydney deserves to see their work and I am honoured to be making that happen. The final member rounding out the ‘Core Collective’ is Cecelia, who I have worked with in Melbourne, and knew that her energy would perfectly compliment the rest of the group.”

Two first-time directors are on board for the Sydney Fringe season, Grace Victoria (Out of Gas on Lover’s Leap), and Anthony Gooley (Gruesome Playground Injuries).

“They are both extremely talented actors delving into their first experience as directors,” Harrison says. “We also have Dan Eady directing This Our Youth; and our guest actors this season are Joshua Brennan (This is Our Youth) and Aaron Glenane (Gruesome Playground Injuries).

Beyond the Sydney Fringe season, The Kings Collective has plenty more in store. “In 2015 we will be presenting our second theatre season, as well as getting to work on some exciting screen projects,” Harrison tells. “We will also be introducing a new initiative, ‘TKC Community’, which is a program designed for artists to gather, find inspiration, share skills and to be reminded that we are not alone. Keep an eye out for TKC Community next year.”

[Top image] Artistic Director of The Kings Collective, David Harrison

Out of Gas on Lover’s Leap, September 10 – 14; This is Our Youth, September 17 – 21; and Gruesome Playground Injuries, September 24 – 28. All shows at Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst. Bookings: www.sydneyfringe.com


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