Dominican Republic bans Miley Cyrus for promoting lesbian sex

Dominican Republic bans Miley Cyrus for promoting lesbian sex

LAST UPDATED // Monday, 25 August 2014 16:51 Written by // Sabine Brix

Miley Cyrus is just too sexual for the Dominican Republic and has been banned from performing there on her Bangerz tour based on 'morality grounds' which include the promotion of lesbian sex.

A statement released read: “The National Commission for Public Performances… imposes this ban based on Miley Cyrus’ common engagement in acts during her concerts that defy morals and customs in ways usually penalized by Dominican law.

“[Cyrus] uses inadequate attire, corrupts language, uses perverse imagery and phrasing, uses phrases with double meanings, glorifies crime, violence and denigrating acts against civility and promotes sex, lesbian sex and the wearing of inadequate clothing.”

During the L.A. leg of her tour Cyrus kissed singer Katy Perry, which seems inane compared to the other activities fans have witnessed including, Cyrus straddling a hot dog, performing simulated oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator and prancing around in an array of provocative clothing, some of which promotes drug use. Just google the marijuana bodysuit.

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Earlier in the year during an interview with German Vogue the singer expressed her support for marriage equality:

“Despite the fact that it’s the 21st century and America is so proud of being a free country, sometimes incomprehensible things happen in our society.

“There is racism and discrimination. I fight against that. I demand more tolerance, especially for homosexuals, who of course should be allowed to marry.”

Homosexuality is not illegal in the Dominican Republic however the country is overhwhelmingly Catholic. The openly-gay U.S. Ambassador James Brewster has most recently been the target of anti-gay slurs after a Catholic Cardinal from the Carribean nation referred to him as a 'faggot.'

[Image] Miley Cyrus kisses Katy Perry during her L.A. concert.


Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix

Sabine Brix is the digital editor for Gay News Network.

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