Country boy to take on icon of dance

Country boy to take on icon of dance

CREATED ON // Tuesday, 10 May 2016 Author // Glen Moret

Kalin Eade is set to tackle an icon of dance music when he lands on stage at Arq this Friday.

Growing up in the small rural town of Gunnedah, performing on the stage of an Oxford Street nightclub was far from the thoughts of a young Kalin Eade.

“It was hard. Doing something that is different in a country town doesn’t get a good response but I had my friends, family and my dance studio to support me,” he tells SX.

The now 19-year-old has moved to the big city and is set to have his very own dance show this Friday, after winning Arq Nightclub’s eight-week-long dance competition.

“The show is one of the Icon series Arq is producing, I can’t give too much away, all I can say is it is a show you cannot afford to miss!” he said.  

Eade will take to the stage alongside fellow dancers Ripley Waters and Thomas Peisley whose previous Icon performances paid tribute to Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Eade studied at Brent Street last year and is now fulltime at the Australian Institute of Music, and says he can’t wait to take to the stage yet again.

“I’m so grateful for even getting the opportunity to do this amazing show and I hope I will be able to do many more,” he said.

The performance is the reward for winning the club’s dance competition which involved different challenges from group and solo performances to dancing alongside a drag queen and improvisation.

“It was intense to say the least” Eade said, “All the boys were amazing and have different strengths which made it more stressful to create new things each week”.

The dancer explains each week he would get inspiration for new show ideas from songs and pictures and tried to perform to his strengths but still be different.

There are no nerves while Eade is performing, saying when he performs he loves crowds, “The more the better”.

“But when I’m not performing I hate them. I always get nervous before a show but that just adds to the performance.”

The chase of a happy audience is what makes him do so well, “It’s the adrenaline that gets me” he explains.

“Performing to an audience and then getting their acceptance and making them feel something is why I perform.”


Image: Kalin Eade will take to the Arq stage this Friday. Photo by Glen Moret


The competition came down to Eade, Connor Carroll and Andy Hawes with Eade taking winning position and a cheque for $2000. But that’s all gone now, Eade said he’s spent all the money on some new furniture for his new apartment after a recent move closer to the city.  

Eade says along the way comments of support always helped him put on a great performance.
“I had people I had never met before come up to me on the street saying ‘you were amazing the other night. You should win, but there were also some people who loved the other boys more.”

Judges included drag favourites Decoda Secret and Charisma Belle as well as Sydney Mardi Gras’ David Watson, who Eade says “had the horrible job of having to choose who deserved to win”.

“The most consistent comment from the judges was ‘your focus and level of commitment to this competition is what is going to make you win’.”

The performance that stood out the most was a Michael Jackson routine “it wasn’t the last routine I did but to the judges it was perfection”.

“I got all 10’s and everyone said it was amazing, but I still haven’t seen it myself.”

Eade has big dreams for his future, “I want to be in musicals and cabaret shows around the world and I want to definitely break into the musical theatre industry”.

“In the near future I would love to create shows at clubs in Sydney and get experience in the commercial dancing world.”

Eade will perform in Icons at Arq Nightclub this Friday May 13, doors open 9.00pm.



Glen Moret

Glen Moret

Glen Morét is a journalist at and SX. Follow Glen on Twitter: @glen_moret

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