Australia's most exciting choreographers unite for FORM

Australia's most exciting choreographers unite for FORM

CREATED ON // Sunday, 31 August 2014

Form Dance Projects is presenting two exciting new dance works at Riverside Theatres.

Form Dance Projects, an organisation that aims to foster and develop contemporary dance culture in Western Sydney, is presenting the premiere of two new dance works by three of Australia’s most exciting young choreographers, Carl Sciberras, Miranda Wheen and Matt Cornell, at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta.

Sciberras, Wheen and Cornell are founding members of Dance Makers Collective, a group of ten choreographers whose premiere season of works in 2013 was credited as ‘The Most Significant Event in Dance’ that year in Dance Australia Magazine. They have created two visceral new multimedia works, Sketch and Between Two and Zero.

Choreographed by Sciberras, Sketch sees three dancers, a visual artist and a composer transform the space into a hyper-sensory world where these three mediums push and pull one another into new territory. Sketch is the first full length work of Flatline, a new interdisciplinary collective that converges multiple artforms, of which Sciberras is also a founding member.


[Image] Between Two and Zero. Photo: Matt Cornell

Sketch collaborators include visual artist Todd Fuller, composer Mitchell Mollison and dancers Katina Olsen, Rosslyn Wythes and Sciberras himself. The work converges old and new technologies to intercept lines, curves and colours with choreographic and sound scores.

“Sketch is an immersive experience, exploding with colour, sound and movement,” Sciberras says. “It is all about the spaces between different artforms, where the visual art, live sound and dance work together to create a world that expands the possibilities of each individual artform.”

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The second work, Between Two and Zero, is choreographed by Matt Cornell and Miranda Wheen and imagines a social dance for the future. By changing the ‘rules of play’ their partnership negotiates intimacy, competition, gender politics, power grabs, tenderness and simple beauty between two people.

“Our bodies are complex beasts,” Cornell says. “Their mere physical structure means the potential for movement and dance, is vast and varied. Attached to these complicated vessels are minds; willful, desirous and competitive. Between Two and Zero, like the social dances of our grandparents, smashes together two of these hopelessly sophisticated beings.”

[Top image] Dancer Anya McKee

Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, September 11 – 13. Bookings:


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