Archie comics kills off main character to save gay friend

Archie comics kills off main character to save gay friend

LAST UPDATED // Saturday, 09 August 2014 19:03 Written by // Cec Busby

Ahead of Comic Con, Archie Comics have announced the death of the much-loved comic book character Archie Andrews.

A stalwart of the comic strip industry, Archie and his pals, Betty, Veronica and Jughead, have been beloved of the American public for seventy five years. But next week in the new issue of the Life with Archie comic, Archie will die.

The all-American boy will cop a bullet saving the life of his gay friend Kevin Keller.

Keller was introduced into the comic book series in 2010 and was the first openly gay character in an Archie comic.

"The Death of Archie is the biggest story in Archie Comics history - and a major milestone for comics, period," said Archie Comics publisher Jon Goldwater.

According to a press release, Life with Archie #36 will detail Archie’s  final moments, while Life with Archie #37 will show the fallout from his death and how his friends are coping one year on.

While most will be shocked by the death of the comic world’s best-loved red-head, the storyline has been in the works for over a year.

"This really came about as the story evolved and where we saw things going with this book. And we've been talking about this now for a little bit north of two years. So it's really been a long time and carefully thought out.

This isn't something we randomly just came up with," said Goldwater.
Goldwater said Archie dies as he lived” “a hero, representing the best in all of us."

He added: "The fact that he’s saving Kevin ... is a metaphor for the rebirth this company has experienced over the last five years. This is truly a new Archie Comics: unafraid, daring, progressive and on the cusp of greatness."

The Archie comics were originated in 1939 and follow the exploits of Archie and his pals in a small US town called Riverdale.

In other comic news, Marvel has announced the iconic character of the norse god, Thor, will now be a woman...


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