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WATCH: Smoke free, still fierce

WATCH: Smoke free, still fierce

LAST UPDATED // Thursday, 05 May 2016 10:35 Written by // Cec Busby

With tobacco use at an alarmingly high rate amongst the nation’s lesbian, bisexual and queer women ACON has launched a new campaign aimed to get LBQ women to take a closer look at why they smoke.

Whilst LBQ women are aware of the risk factors attached to smoking, they continue to smoke at a rate double that of their heterosexual counterparts. ACON is hoping to change all that with a new groundbreaking tobacco reduction campaign, #SmokeFreeStillFierce.

#SmokeFreeStillFierce centres on key messages from influential community members and aims to address the relationship LBQ women have with smoking.

“Our research findings suggest that LBQ women who smoke were well aware of the health impacts of smoking and also knew about smoking cessation strategies. What they wanted was a campaign that spoke to them in positive and inspiring ways, avoiding fear-based imagery or messaging. Most importantly, women wanted to hear about the experiences and quitting strategies from other women in their community.” ACON President Justin Koonin said.

The program will speak to factors that influence attitudes towards smoking, such as LBQ women’s perspectives of smoking cessation messaging, and strategies for quitting, which inform ways to handle stress, navigate social spaces, form identity and image.

“This is in keeping with ACON’s broader experience of peer based interventions and messaging having the ability to reach our communities where mainstream messaging has struggled.”

In highlighting the importance of this campaign, Koonin added “This is an incredibly important step for ACON.  We’ve long wanted to do more to address health issues for women in our communities and we are extremely grateful to the Cancer Institute NSW for funding this initiative and recognising the need to explore more direct and tailored approaches to reducing the rate of smoking in our communities.”

Find out more about the #SmokeFreeStillFierce campaign

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Cec Busby

Cec Busby

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