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Slamming tina could cross over into the straight community: report

Slamming tina could cross over into the straight community: report

CREATED ON // Thursday, 17 November 2016 Author // Andrew Shaw

A report has warned that slamming crystal meth, which is popular among some gay men, could cross over into the straight community. 

Mainline, a resource on drug use and health, has published an English translation of a Dutch report titled ‘Tina and Slamming, a report on Crystal Meth in a sexual context’.

Slamming refers specifically to injecting crystal meth, as opposed to other ways of taking it, which brings on an intense high.

The report was based on a review of statistical Dutch data, a literature review and 27 in-depth interviews with men who have sex with men who use crystal meth.

The report warned that the practice could cross over from the gay/bi to the straight community.

“From past experience we know that drug use by MSM tends to set the trend for drug use in the general population,” the report concluded.

“For instance, it was in the gay scene that ecstasy and GHB first gained popularity. The same could happen with crystal meth and slamming. Dealers say that most of their current customers are MSM, but that they’ve also sold to heterosexuals.”

The report said over 25 studies in Australia, America and Britain had established a link between drug use, particularly crystal meth, and risky sexual behaviour.

The authors said “most” of the 27 men they interviewed never used condoms for sex.

It called for more data on drug use and sexual behaviour be collected from MSM to give a clearer picture of what was happening.

Referring to adherence to HIV treatment, the report states:

“We recommend that all HIV clinicians and HIV counsellors with patients who display poor adherence to treatment enquire in a judgement-free manner about their clients’ drug use and ask explicit questions about which specific drugs they are taking and in what way they administer them.”

The report says using crystal meth is seen as a way to enable men to overcome their sexual boundaries.

“Thus a number of respondents stated that chemsex fulfils the need for connection, intimacy, belonging and contact with like-minded people, and helps them to overcome isolation.”


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of QP [queensland pride magazine].

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