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COAG holds domestic violence summit in Brisbane this weekend

COAG holds domestic violence summit in Brisbane this weekend

CREATED ON // Friday, 28 October 2016 Author // Andrew Shaw

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) is meeting in Brisbane this weekend to discuss the issue of domestic violence.

The national summit meeting is made up of Australia's state and territory heads, as well as the PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Dr Wendell Rosevear from Stonewall Medical Centre will attend the meeting to discuss the affect of DV on LGBTI people and men.

Rosevear founded MARS (Men Affected by Rape and Sexual-abuse) in 1993 at a time when there were no identifiable resources for male sexual assault victims and before the rape law was changed in 1997 to include men, not just women.

Earlier this year, he was appointed to Queensland’s Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council.

The Queensland Government recently passed laws designed to address DV issues.

The legislative amendments address:

•    Expanding Police Protection Notices to simplify the process for police so they can act to protect a victim of domestic violence immediately, including for the first time ever, children;
•    Clarifying that a court may make a DVO when a victim has been threatened or has fears for their safety or wellbeing;
•    Providing for the future implementation of automatic recognition of DVOs across Australia under a National Domestic Violence Order Scheme;
•    Courts will consider if more tailored conditions need to be included in a DVO;
•    Protection orders will remain in place for five years unless the court is satisfied there are reasons for a shorter order to be made;
•    Courts will need to consider family law orders when making a DVO to minimise inconsistencies between the orders and may use their powers to modify family law orders if necessary;
•    A comprehensive information sharing framework to ensure agencies providing specialist domestic and family violence services and prescribed entities can share information to assess and manage risk.


Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Shaw is editor of QP [queensland pride magazine].

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