Antenna Festival presents the best docos from around the world

Antenna Festival presents the best docos from around the world

LAST UPDATED // Saturday, 10 October 2015 07:32

Antenna Documentary Film Festival returns for the fifth edition this month, screening the very best in non-fiction films from Australia and around the world, the Antenna DocTalk series, retrospective program and international guests.

Antenna offers a program that is both intelligent and diverse, one that challenges conceptions and conventions of the world around us.

Opening the festival on October 13 is a film that asks, Who owns your extremities, if they're no longer attached to your body? This bizarre question becomes an actual legal debate in the incredible Finders Keepers. Shannon Whisnant, bargain hunter extraordinaire, buys an old grill at an auction and is astonished to find a human calf and foot inside. With plans to create a tourist attraction, Whisnant looks to be stymied when the original owner emerges – John Wood, a recovering addict who had his leg amputated after a plane crash. 

Of course, the media circus arrives en masse and the debate becomes one of ridiculous proportions, in which the filmmakers manage to sensitively capture and encompass class divide, addiction, greed, celebrity and small town family expectations.

October 13 - 18, various locations,


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